CSTAR is developing working collaborations with national organisations.



GeoSAL provides consultancy advice in the area of geo-spatial analysis.  In particular advice on drawing random samples from Irish Households is available through the GeoDirectory.

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The Irish Clinical Research Infrastructure Network has been created to provide a framework for the harmonisation and coordination of clinical research infrastructure in Ireland. It engages with teaching hospitals, academic and non-academic clinical investigators to strengthen and enhance their participation in multi-centred clinical studies.

CSTAR and ICRIN are currently working together to provide a methodological supporting system that enhances and coordinates the statistical and data management aspects of clinical research in Ireland.

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The UCD Clinical Research Centre (CRC) in Dublin, Ireland
The UCD CRC has facilities at both St. Vincent's University Hospital and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

CSTAR collaborates with UCD CRC to provide methodological support for investigator-led studies, including study design and data analysis, advice on grant applications, review of study protocols for submission to national and international regulatory bodies.

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MRC Methodology Hub in Belfast
CSTAR has partnered with the Medical Research Council Methodology Hub in Belfast to develop an All-Ireland methodological resource unit to lead the development of clinical trial methodology on the island of Ireland. The hub aims to build training capacity, on an all-island basis, in novel methodologies that span a range of complex intervention types, with an emphasis on translation to improve practice and health outcomes.