Statistical Analysis on Computer

There are a number of statistical packages suitable for analysis of health-related data.  Some possibly useful sites that teach Epi Info and SPSS are listed below.  A prior knowledge of statistics is required as these sites generally teach the statistical packages but not the statistics.  Remember some tutorials may not relate to the version of the statistical package that you are using.  An advantage of Epi Info is that it is free.  


Epi Info can be downloaded from here for free (Division of Public Health Surveillance and Informatics at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention).  Available also are exercises developed by CDC staff and used in their Epi-Info courses (see "tutorials"), which cover the main topics in Epi Info.

Data Analysis with Epi Info This site provides notes on statistical analysis using Epi Info.  They are probably more useful for those who have some prior knowledge of Epi Info.

SPSS This is a good four-module introduction to SPSS and other statistical packages. Once on the website, click on Software to choose your tutorials.

STATA Tutorial This is a tutorial on STATA which emphasises data management and graphics.

STATA Resources A useful list of web resources provided by STATA Corporation.

IDRE Statistical Computing pages A very nice set of tutorials from UCLA for running and interpreting output of a lot of statistical techniques in SPSS, STATA, other programs. Mainly covers more advanced topics (ANOVA, regression, repeated-measures methods, etc).