Internet as a resource

The websites below provide an insight into the workings of the internet, tips on how to use it and instructions on how to evaluate websites.  They vary in the quantity, style and emphasis of information presented.  However, as a lot of information is repeated, even for those not familiar with the internet it would not be necessary to work through all of them.  For those who are expert at searching the internet and at evaluating web sites you may feel that you can learn no more.  However, you may be surprised!

The TONIC Tutorial has been developed with central funding by Netskills at the University of Newcastle for the UK education community.  Well presented, it is a good summary tutorial on the capabilities of the internet and how to maximally exploit these capabilities.  One is obliged to register but access is free.

Internet Medic is a tutorial on internet information skills for medics.  It is one of a set of tutorials within the RDN Virtual Training Suite, created by subject-specialists from universities and professional organisations across the UK.  An excellent, well presented tutorial, it provides information on key resources in health and medicine and on key internet resource discovery tools and how to use them. It advises on how to develop internet search skills and on tactics to critically evaluate resources found on the internet.  It includes a section on the citation of Internet resources.

Finding Information on the Internet: A tutorial.  This tutorial, produced by UC Berkeley, provides an introduction to the internet.  While the layout may be slightly daunting, the information is good, especially that on how to do a search.  (Note: the guide to citation of internet resources is not that helpful for medical purposes).