Online Statistics with SPSS - January 2022

Welcome! Zoom links and course materials for the 17 & 19 Jan 2022 course, including feedback forms, were emailed to registered participants. Please email if you are interested in registering for future courses.

A feedback form for Wednesday, 12 Jan can be found here and a feedback form for Thursday, 13 Jan can be found here. In addition, there is the 17 Jan feedback form and the 19 Jan form. Thank you for taking the time to complete them.

If you are registered to our Online Statistics in SPSS but have no access to a licensed version of IBM SPSS Statistics, you can download the free trial here. This is a limited time but fully-featured trial version, which requires you to make an account with IBM. UCD or CSTAR can't provide official support, nor are we affiliated in any way with IBM. This is a 1 month limited-time trial, so make sure you don't start the trial earlier than 1 month before the course.

An alternative is to use the free clone, PSPP, which we also cannot support or guarantee in any way. This does not have all the features of SPSS that we will be teaching, but the underlying statistics are identical, and the menus and outputs are very similar:
PSPP for Windows
PSPP for Mac or Linux